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     Holden Thomas is a solo producer who specializes in composing and mixing intense and emotional musical works for video games. In the Spring of 2021, he earned his Bachelors Degree in Music Recording Technology and Audio Design at San Diego State University in order to learn more about the composing and mixing music and sounds. He has plenty of experience producing and editing mixes both alone and collaboratively with classmates.


While studying at SDSU, he has had the opportunity to intern under Arts Alive SDSU and the SDSU Dance Company. He was also also a member of the Aztec Game Lab club at SDSU where he produced music and sounds for their games, and later took on the role of Audio Director, leading the team of sound designers through the game project in an organized and efficient manner. He also has lots of experience in the field of live sound in events like SDSU's World Music Series, the Electronic Marathon, and a Cinco de Mayo concert in Balboa Park.


Throughout his studies at the San Diego State, he has had the opportunity to study under professional mixing engineer Mario Gonzales, and master composer and creator of impulse library: Echo Thief, Christopher Warren. Holden is striving to use his works in a way that will both immerse gamers in their virtual worlds and stimulate their emotions to deliver them an experience that they will never forget.

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